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Work experience

Work Experience will help you develop a range of skills valued by employers and can help you to develop key job competencies. It can add to your CV....filling skill-gaps and might just possibly lead to a paid job....and sometimes you may be paid anyway. It can be an important step in returning to work. Even if you have a degree, you may need something to help you stand out!

Experiencing STEM in a positive way
Guidelines for parents and teachers in finding work experience placements
Added on: 08/08/2014

Work Experience with WiSET
Spend two weeks with the WiSET Team!
Added on: 11/03/2009

Prospects - Work Experience
For information on gap years, work experience, tips and advice.
Added on: 19/02/2009

The National Centre for Work Experience
A comprehensive website offering tips, advice and guidance on most aspects of work experience.
Added on: 19/02/2009

Connexions - Work Experience
For general information on work experience in years 10-11, apprenticeships and temporary and seasonal work.
Added on: 19/02/2009

Direct Gov - Work Experience Year 10-11
This webpage provides tips on how to organise and get the most out of your work experience placement.
Added on: 19/02/2009