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There are so many different options when considering a career in Engineering.

Just about any aspect of the world around us involves engineering in some way, from the environments we live, work and study in, to the transport we use, to the clothes we wear and the food we eat. All the equipment we use just to go about our daily activities, and the technology that helps us communicate with each other involves engineers in designing and implementing creative solutions.

The best way to think about options for a future career in engineering is to think about issues that interest you, subjects you enjoy, and ways you like to work. The Engineering sector needs people with a huge range of skills, and a career in engineering will help you develop as a team player, communicator and creative thinker.

The Royal Academy of Engineering has produced a really helpful guide to highlight a range of roles and options in engineering and The Brightside Trust website contains excellent information about different options within engineering - see the Routes into Engineering section.

One route into engineering is through an apprenticeship. See this film featuring 2 female and 2 male apprentices on the Apprenticeships Channel about opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Our Personal Perspectives section contains case studies highlighting a wide range of routes and roles in engineering, and helps to show how diverse the sector really is.

The Women in SET team have produced a document to help you identify what to look for when researching supportive employers. This can be found in the Finding the Right Job section  of our main website 

MentorSET is a  scheme to help women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) which provides independent mentors who understand the challenges which can be faced by women working in non-traditional careers and who can provide support and adivce.