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Finding the right job

This can be the hardest part. We hope that you will find this section useful in helping you to seek out the right job for you. Don't forget about the value of using your existing networks to find out about opportunities.

Mature Students Career Resources
Yes Progress - Helping adults go further...... go higher
Added on: 08/04/2015

Finding a supportive employer
What to look for to find a company that supports women
Added on: 25/04/2012

Women in Technology
Help to make your next career move by finding you the right job
Added on: 02/04/2009

Prospects - Finding Jobs
This website includes a job search engine, information on careers fairs and other useful hints and tips.
Added on: 19/02/2009

Graduates Yorkshire
A website for graduates seeking jobs in the Yorkshire area.
Added on: 19/02/2009

Job Centre Plus
Job Centre Plus provide advice, information about recruitment agencies and can also help you find a job.
Added on: 19/02/2009

Careers Advice - Jobs
Advice and guidance on where and how to find jobs, as well as advice on networking.
Added on: 19/02/2009

Supportive employers
Find an employer which has already demonstrated its commitment to supporting women secure and progress in non-traditional jobs
Added on: 16/02/2009