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Papers and reports

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Science Workforce report
Science Council Report
Added on: 21/12/2011

Encouraging Equality & Diversity
Report produced by Jill Collins (Lead on Equality and Diversity for the STEM Careers Project) and Dr Pat Morton (MPhil, EdD, FRICS)
Added on: 17/06/2011

DIY Your Future Publication and posters
Publication to accompany the Transformation Fund 'DIY Your Future' course, which ran from October 2009 to March 2010, and a set of posters featuring the women from the course.
Added on: 21/10/2010

Change in Practice
Construction Paper 210, in Construction Information Quarterly, Volume 8, Issue 4, 2006.
Added on: 17/02/2009

Mentoring in Built Environment Higher Education Courses
Paper presented at ARCOM conference, 3-5 September 2007, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Added on: 17/02/2009

Women and the Cultural Domain of Built Environment Higher Education
A Paper presented at the 5th conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, held at Humboldt University, Berlin, August 2007.
Added on: 17/02/2009

A Minority Report
Engaging Girls in Quantity Surveying, written by Denise Eaton and Pat Morton.
Added on: 17/02/2009

The Changing Face of Engineering
Paper presented at the Engineering Education Conference, Loughborough University, July 2008.
Added on: 17/02/2009

STEM Careers for Girls
A Position Paper for the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET.
Added on: 17/02/2009

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