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The Open University's FREE Returning to STEM Course

27 May 2016

On the 27th of May the OU will be launching a FREE “Return to STEM” Badged Open Course (BOC) in order to help those who are interested in returning to their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM). The BOC covers information such as “how to update your CV”, “how to understand current affairs in your industry”, and offers the opportunities for students taking the course to network with each other and industry experts; this course also allows students to receive a badge in recognition for their participation. Please have a look at Sue Black’s introduction video to get a taste of what this BOC will offer, you can also register your interest to receive a link and prompt when the course goes live.


We hope to spread the word about this BOC and want to invite you to share the introductory video and link to the course, which will be live on the 27th of May. Please invite anyone you think would be interested in this course- friends, family, and others in the industry. If you have a newsletter going out, please feel free to include this information there. As well, if you have an “events” page, we would appreciate being added there as well! On the 27th of May keep an eye out for Sue Black and the OU’s tweets and posts- and please don’t hesitate to give us a “retweet” or a “like and share”.

If you would like to tweet about it and need some text, we’ve been using: On 27th of May @OpenUniversity with @Dr_Black will launch a FREE Badged Open Course for those returning to STEM Careers. More here


On the 27th of May, please direct interested parties to in order to get started!

Added on: 20/05/2016