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Chloe Stevens

Biology Student and Science & Engineering Champion

Chloe Stevens

My name is Chloe Stevens and I am studying for an MBiolSci at the University of Sheffield. While I enjoyed Biology at school, I didn’t originally intend to study it further – I wanted to be a vet for years. By the time I realised Veterinary Science wasn’t right for me I was 17 and had already started my A-Levels. Luckily, Biology was one of them and I’ve never regretted my choice to continue studying it!

I’m now in my third year and currently focussed on my research project – I’m studying exploratory behaviour and boldness in zebrafish. I’ve loved really getting into the details of my subject over the last two years – it gets even more interesting once you’re at uni – but I also feel lucky to have been able to design and carry out my own project as you get a better feel for what it’s like to go into science-based jobs or research science after graduating.

Due to my love of all things to do with science, last year I became a Science and Engineering Champion for my university. This is a role that allows me to get involved in encouraging young people to study STEM subjects. It’s great to work with other students who are passionate about their subjects to enthuse and inspire others.

At the moment I’m hoping to study Clinical Science with the NHS to become a Healthcare Scientist after I graduate, but considering how often I change my mind and how many jobs are open to me, who knows? Research science would definitely be another thing I’d be interested in – Biology research aims to help tackle some of the biggest problems facing the world today, like climate change, food sustainability and healthcare, so I’d be excited to go into any of those fields.

Added on: 20/01/2013