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Freyja Docherty

Freyja Docherty, PhD student at the University of Sheffield

Freyja Docherty

My name is Freyja Docherty and I have just started a PhD at the University of Sheffield. I am researching the process of prostate cancer spread to the bone (the area it most commonly spreads to). I grew up in Sheffield and, after completing my A levels at King Edward VII School, went on to study Human Genetics at the University of Newcastle. I really enjoyed my time at Newcastle, due to both the subject I studied and the university experience as a whole. I would recommend further study to anyone wanting to broaden their horizons and challenge themselves personally.

I chose to enter post-graduate research to gain a better understanding of scientific practice and develop the skills I would need for a career in scientific research. Whilst at Newcastle University I really made an effort to build a connection with my personal tutor and during my final year at University I asked his advise on how to get into research. He put me in touch with someone he knew at Sheffield University and after sending several E-mails we arranged for me to do a short placement in his lab during the summer. After I completed this placement I was encouraged to apply for a PhD in the department and, after an application and interview process, was offered a place to study at Sheffield. I was also lucky enough to be awarded a University scholarship, without which I would not have been able to take up the position.

The advice I would give any student wanting to enter post-graduate research is just to be enthusiastic and not be afraid of putting yourself out there. Although it is a competitive area, if you have a genuine passion for your research area people will be interested in you. Don’t be afraid to just send out speculative E-mails as you never know what may come of it.

I have really enjoyed my PhD so far and am looking forward to the years to come. I think working with talented and enthusiastic scientists in the field, on a day to day basis, has really inspired me to push myself and hopefully enter a career in scientific research in the future.

Added on: 29/09/2012