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Case studies

Holly Shaw

Holly was awarded a WEST (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) Fund bursary in July 2011 in recognition of the fantastic progress she is making at Wakefield College as a motor vehicle student, and in December 2012 she won Student of the Year award for motor vehicle

Holly Shaw

What Holly has said about her interests and her plans for the future:

'My interest in cars and vehicle design started when I looked around colleges with my older brother. There was a motorbike on a stand and I wanted to know how it worked and how they designed cars. So when it was my time to think about what to do after school I saw a course for motor vehicle mechanics and I went on to complete level one. I then  completed level two and most recently level 3 in vehicle body repair. Each year the size of the class has been cut down by half or more and I have been able to prove myself to stay on to the next level. In December 2012 I got the student of the year award for motor vehicle. I am going to be starting a night welding course this September so I can improve my skills because my plan is to buy cars and bikes to repair so I can sell them. 

Congratulations, Holly, on being awarded the first WEST Fund Bursary and the Student of the Year Award for Motor Vehicle.


Added on: 27/10/2011