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Case studies

Louise Proctor

Moving back the walls

Louise Proctor

Louise works as a Senior Housing Officer at Sheffield Homes. When she first came into contact with the Women in SET team it was to attend the Moving Back The Walls course designed to encourage women working in administative roles in Built Environment organisations to progress onto non-traditional careers.

When she attended the course her role involved ordering stationary and reporting sickness. As a result of increased knowledge and confidence Louise is now working with the Energy and Environment team, with a focus on office environmental audits.

This involves assessing fixtures and fittings, e.g. whether lighting is energy efficient or otherwise; observing office 'behaviours' including recycling and use of heating and lighting; and requires Louise to compile reports which she then shares with staff within the organisation to improve performance, increase energy efficiency and save money.

She also attended another WiSET course on Sustainable Housing which included producing a group design for an eco-house and a sustainble community.

Added on: 18/02/2009